Member Declaration

Both players and parents/guardians/carers agree to be bound by and to observe the Club Rules and Regulations and the Rules and Regulations of The Football Association Limited, The Football Association, and The Leicestershire & Rutland County FA, and all competitions in which the Club participates.

The Club draws your attention specifically to the Manager/Coach, Player, Parent/Guardian/Carers and the Spectators Codes of Conduct, which are available from the Club Secretary or the Club website.

Any breach of the Codes of Conduct will be dealt with under the applicable rule of the Club’s Constitution. Each Member is required to sign below agreeing to comply with the Codes of Conduct applicable to them. A copy of the Club’s Constitution, which encompasses the policies, the Rules and Regulations and the accompanying Codes of Conduct, is available from the Club Secretary or can be seen on the Club’s website here.

Any Member who is the subject of disciplinary action which results in a financial liability or causes the Club any other financial loss by his/her action or inaction will be required to reimburse the Club in full any monies which may be paid on their behalf at the discretion of the Officers of the Club unless superseded by the Rules and Regulations of The Football Association, The Leicestershire & Rutland County FA or any Competition in which the club participates.

I accept that the Club and its Officials will not be held responsible for personal injury suffered whilst playing, training or participating in any activity connected with the Club, nor will any Official(s) of the Club be responsible for any property lost whilst participating in Club activities.

I am aware that equipment and playing kit provided by the Club remains the property of the Club and must be returned upon request.